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At Islandlife Watersports, we offer a range of watersports excursions which you can be tailored to give you and your family a unique and personalized experienced of our excursions and our marine environment here in Grand Cayman!

You can choose from a  number of excursions from the North Sound such as a beautiful and relaxing Snorkeling tour on the barrier reef or Coral Gardens or an exhilarating & euphoric time spent with the Stingrays. Otherwise a blissful couple of hours spent at Rum Point-beach where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a  bar & restaurant  and a walk on the beach and Star Fish Point.  

Our  Seven Mile Beach excursions take you snorkeling over any selection of shipwrecks of the coast of Seven Mile Beach and George Town etc.  

On a different way to spend your day on the beautiful oceans around Grand Cayman, a Fishing excursion  can be quite an exciting experience reeling in a nice Barracuda, Wahoo,  Mahi,  or maybe an 180 lb Tuna.  

Either way, our captains and crew will take you on an awesome experience of your visit here to the Caymans!

Stingray City

Undisputed World-Popular Attraction.

Specialized Tour Services

We offer a specialized service where you get to customize and choose the place or places you want to visit; Ask yourself, do you want to go snorkelling, fishing or do you want to visit the famous Stingray City.  

Prices are in US dollars and NO deposit is required.