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Do You Provide Transportation?

YES, we pick up at all hotels or condos on Seven Mile Beach as well as cruise ship passengers.

When Arriving By Cruise Ship, At What Time Are Clients Collected  At The Cruise Terminal & How Will Identification Take Place?

Clients are met approximately 45-60 minutes after arrival into port, at the terminal entrance/exit gate for their arriving ship and will be identified by an Islandlife Watersports sign with their name on it.

Do You Provide Transportation From East End or Rum Point?

NO, if you are staying on island, but NOT on Seven Mile Beach, you will need to meet us at our dock located in Cayman Island Yacht Club or we can arrange to pick you up from the Kaibo Beach Dock for a small additional charge. Just advise us when making your reservation.

Do We Have To Pay Extra For Transportation?

NO, unless you booked a private charter and is staying at Rum Point or East End area, all prices include transportation to and from Seven Mile Beach or downtown George Town.

What If I Have My Own Transportation  and Want To Drive - Can I Meet at The Dock?

YES, our tours leave out of the Cayman Islands Yacht Club which is just a 5-10 minute drive from downtown George Town and Seven Mile Beach hotels. Just let us know you prefer to drive and we will provide directions with your booking confirmation

Booking My Reservations & Cancellations

How Far In Advance Do I Have To Book?

We require 24 hours advance to book and confirm your reservation. You can call ANYTIME to see if there is space available. We recommend you book EARLY for busy season (Christmas season/New Years and Spring Break).

What is Your Cancellation  Policy?

You must cancel 48 hours in advance to incur no charges. If you do not meet the 48 hour deadline you will be asked to pay 50% of your total booking. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to tour or NO SHOWS will be requested to be paid in full.

Will I Be Charged if My Cruise Ship Cannot Stop At Grand Cayman?

NO, you will not be charged for ship cancellation, bad weather causing tour cancellation or equipment failure.

Is My Tour Cancelled If My Cruise Ship  Is Late or Comes To Cayman On a Different Day?

NO, do not automatically assume your tour is canceled if something changes on your ship. In most circumstances, we are able to modify your booking and get you out on a different time or date. If this happens we ask you contact us ASAP and let us know. We will do our best and work with the delay/itinerary modification and get you out. If this happens, call us at +1-345-917-2242.

Payments and Payment Types

Do I Need To Pay a Deposit?

NO, nothing is charged until we collect payment in full, which is done the day of your tour. By not taking deposits, it allows an easy cancellation process if the tour is to be canceled due to inclement weather or if the client request to do so.  

When Do I Pay For The Tour?

We collect payment in FULL on completion of the tour.  We prefer payment in cash however Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards or traveler's cheques are also accepted. We do not accept American Express.

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