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Stingray City

The ideal interaction for all ages. It is located in the beautiful North Sound where you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to meet and greet our friendly stingrays in the wide-open natural Sand Bar where the water is just about 3-4 feet. You can also touch and hold the stingray, get a massage on the back or if you feeling lucky , get a ‘good luck kiss’!

Coral Gardens

A great spot for the average snorkeler! It is located in the beautiful North Sound and is a natural wonder. The water is about 8-10 feet and here you'll have a memorable experience feeding the many tropical fish, maybe catch a glimpse of a sea eel and even a Cayman Lobster, who all flourish in the variety of colorful coral life!

The Barrier Reef

This is another famous snorkeling stop in the North Sound which has miles of natural reef which naturally protects the interior of the North sound. This snorkeling site has various species of underwater coral, fish and other marine life. Only an avid snorkeler could appreciate such a beauty!

Starfish Beach

his fun spot located in the north side of the island is great for both kids and adults and is approx. 10 mins boat ride from Rum Point and 20 mins boat ride from Stingray City. This is one of the most requested tours offered. You'll have the chance to walk on the shoreline and be captivated by the red and orange starfish which makes taking a photo extra special!

Rum Point Beach - Bar & Grill

It is a family affair which caters to all. There's no better place to see the stunning white sand while swaying in the hammocks. It's the perfect place to relax, chill out and enjoy some good finger lickin' food or alcoholic beverages. Also available at your own expense are wave runners, kayaks and water bikes. There is also a gift shop available.

Kaibo Beach - Bar & Grill

The oldest and the favorite local beach bar in Cayman Kai, Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill serves local specialities all day and is also known for its wide selection of ice cold beer.  There is the option to paddle board at your own expense.

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You can choose from a number of excursions on the North Sound such as a beautiful and relaxing Snorkel tour on the Barrier Reef or Coral Gardens or an elating & euphoric  time spent with the Stingrays. Otherwise a blissful few hours spent at Rum Point Beach where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a bar & grill  then a walk on the beach after a nice lunch.  As another option you can stop in at Star Fish Point and hang out  with “The  Stars”.

Either way our captains and crew will take you on an experience of your visit here to the Caymans.

These Charters can be taken as a One-Stop,

Two-Stop, Three-Stop or as a Full Day Charter.

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These Charters can be taken as a One-Stop, Two-Stop, Three-Stop or as a Full Day Charter